MICDS Student Directions and Project Sites

Project Work Sites

You and your team will be creating a wiki-site and a 2min movie that will present your innovative plan to lessen our “human footprint” here at MICDS.

We will be following this basic path: Define, Dream,, Design, Do, Debrief.

1) Get with your team and decide on an creative, practical, measurable, solution to a human footprint issue here at MICDS.
Human Footprint topics to keep in mind: food waste, recycling, water waste, clothing, furnishings, appliances, transportation, energy use, heating and air conditioning, cell phones…

2) You will then need to select job roles for each group member
  • Wiki Designer (Responsible for creation of the wiki-site)
  • Movie Director (Responsible for leading the creation of the 2min movie)
  • Head Writer & Editor (Responsible for leading the movie script and proof reading the wiki)

3) You now need to collaborate and work on getting the project parts completed and then combined on the wiki page to present a clear, creative solution to a problem.
Video (and script) &Wiki-Page Requirements:
  • Introduce your school, yourselves (1st names only), and the topic of your project.
  • Using your selected human footprint topic, inform us how your school has an impact on the environment. Explain why it is an issue (what is the big deal?). Include 3 or more clear facts to support your project idea.
  • Design and present a creative, do-able, and measurable solution to the problem.

Alert: You will need at least two sources(print or internet) that you used for information as well as a human source of information.

Some Green Campus Sources
Green House Gases
Paper Recycling
Electrical Generation
MICDS Goes Green
Paper Recycling
Info Bits
National Geographic
World Bird Sanctuary(StL)
Human Footprint
National Geographic: Environment Page
National Geographic: Green Guide
National Geographic: Global Warming
National Geographic for Kids
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Kids Page
GreenTeam Projects
Water Conservation
Clothing Recycling Site
Green Project Ideas
StL Rams Green Page