Working with your group, read the following directions and complete the map project:

1) You have 2 sets of maps. NAmerica & SAmerica. You should assemble them individually and then unite them.
2) Tape the maps together (tape goes on the back). Make sure you have them in the right order before taping. The pages are numbered.
3) Outline and label all of the countries. Label major bodies of water as well.
4) Use Culture Grams (see below) to research for the information assigned to your group (see below) and get that information on your map for each nation.
5) Create a nice geographic work of art.


How to get to Culture Grams:

click on Data Bases
On the menu of options find History/Social Studies and click on Culture Grams
Enter username: micds and password: rams
Have fun exploring

Group Topics to Research:

Group 1: Population
Group 2: Life Expectancy (M&F)
Group 3: Literacy Rates (M&F)


GoogleEarth Scavenger Hunt Day
Using GoogleEarth, find the following information. Record your answers on an index card and keep it. You may work with others.

1) Using the ruler feature on the menu, measure how far in miles is it from our classroom to the center of the Anthony School (this is where Mr. Fitz is) playing field in Little Rock, Arkansas
2)Using the ruler feature on the menu, measure how far in miles it is from the Anthony School to the Arkansas State Capital Building?
3) In meters, how long is the longest runway at the Little Rock Airport?
4) What is unusual about the runway at the airport in Gibraltar?
5) What interstate would get you from NY-San Francisco the fastest?
6) Using all of your resources, give me the coordinates to the pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
7) How long in meters is the line forming at the Louvre Pyramid?
8) Using the ruler feature on the menu, and selecting PATH, how far in miles would it be if you had to run around Busch Stadium on the Street.
9) What year was Olson hall built?
10) Visit Guam, and tell me the deepest part of the ocean that you can find.
11) Create five of your own creative questions and test them out on a partner.